My Week In Review


Woke up on Monday with a horrific throat. It was teasing me since last Thursday but I thought I was too strong to let it bring me down. Oh, how wrong I was. I’ve never felt so ill in my life. Not only did I have the worst swollen glands, I was also sneezing ’til the cows came home and had a very sweaty and clammy head. Strange. I had to cancel all work. Mersey Media (our business) had a corporate shoot but I managed to get cover for my role. Thank god. Stayed in bed and slept a lot. I distinctly remember attempting to shout at noisy parents from the bedroom window, they don’t half make a racket when they are dropping their kids off. We live next to a school by the way. Woke up and watched last night’s Love Island. Got very angry about it and projected my anger via Twitter. Ended up having a Twitter row with a crank over a typo I made. Spent the afternoon panicking over workload for Mersey Media not to mention I’m overdue on everything to do with Bow Belle Blush and I haven’t updated my Instagram in ages. I make a mental note to sort my life out later on in the evening. We have another shoot for Mersey Media tomorrow and it’s in Basingstoke. We have to be there at 9 and we don’t want to get stuck in rush hour traffic so we are leaving the house at 3am. Standard. Decided to go back to sleep and I had the most restless sleep ever. Woke up to find a cat in our house that wasn’t ours. Weird. Adam went to bed at 9pm. I stayed up and had a productive 5 hours work and managed to catch up on all my endless emails and actually did all the work on my list for Mersey Media and Bow Belle Blush. Result. Was working in front of the TV with the laptop and looked up on the screen to find the TV was on channel 5 and showing a very raunchy programme about men and sex dolls. That was an eye-opener.



Woke up Adam at 2 am. Drove to Basingstoke. Arrived at 7am, great timing. Wasted an hour eating endless hash browns in Maccies and then realised I looked an absolute show. Good job I’d packed a beauty kit with me. Proceeded to have a mini spa in Maccies toilet. Ended up looking half decent. Suprised myself. Spent the morning filming with a bunch of kids talking about STEM and feigning interest. Think I did a good job, we were finished by 12.  Boom. Car packed and on the way home. ETA was 4pm but we ended up passing out at the services due to tiredness and didn’t get home until 7pm. It was a difficult day, I was delirious and my throat felt like it was being sliced with razor blades. Also kept having temperature issues, hot one minute, freezing cold the next,  if this is what the change is all about, that can piss off. I tried my best to stay awake for Adam to keep him occupied with my dazzling conversation, but I failed. Got home and ordered a Just Eat and fell asleep on the sofa in a post-food coma.



Woke up at 6am to both cats attacking each other from opposite sides of bedroom door. Then one of them locked himself him in and meowed at me to let him out. Standard. Set alarm for 7.59 to call doctors at 8 am. Called at 8am doctors closed, called straight back doctors open and I’m number 6 in the queue. Weird. Managed to get an appointment for 9.30. Result. Went back to sleep at woke up at 9am. Crept out of the house leaving the exhausted boy in bed. Totally wore the wrong outfit and arrived at doctors in a sweaty, exhausted mess. Lost any stamina I may have once had. Nurse examines me and within 2 mins I’m being told I have tonsillitis, the bacterial kind which includes pus filled spots on my tonsils. Beautiful. I’m given a 10-day prescription for antibiotics and told to stay off work. Psyche myself up for the 10-minute walk back home, nearly collapse in the process of walking home as I have a fever of 39.5 degrees and I’m wearing winter clothes and of course the sun is out. Arrive home. Cats are fuming cos they’ve only had 1 meal and it’s 10am. I give them a bit of side-eye as I derobe in the hallway, can’t possibly keep clothes on for 1 minute longer than I need to, and haul myself into bed telling the boy that I’m sick and he needs to feed the cats. Fell asleep in a frenzied sweaty mess and woke up an hour later. Headed out to buy all the fruit and veg from our man and also stocked up on about 4528822 tins of soup. Food for the week sorted. Got home and watched Killing Eve and Love Island ’til my heart was content. Debating listening to the nurse’s advice and cancelling work for the rest of the week. Didn’t bother. Obviously, I know better. Eventually got to bed around 12.30 and was due up for work at 6am. Set alarm and cried when it told me how many hours I had left ’til waking.



Woke up at 6am to alarm. Obviously switched it straight back off and woke up again at 7. Brilliant. Overslept. Getting myself up was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I sat on the loo and cried at how tired I was. Made a cuppa and took morning’s tablets. Difficult job. The throat is still so swollen. Kept trying to give myself pep talks to get me motivated. Didn’t work. Drove to work and forgot about my petrol situation. Called Adam in a hysterical mess as I was on zero miles and asked him for the best advice on how to drive economically until I find a petrol station. Brain turned to mush and I couldn’t remember where the petrol station was. Found one and made it just in time I reckon. 15 mins late to work. Lovely client. Was quite an exhausting clean if I’m honest. Was up a ladder cleaning a conservatory roof at one point. The situations I get in I tell ya. Had to have an apple break after the ladder situation. I’m not good with heights. After 4 hours I reached my limit. I was in a total mess. Totally not ready to go back to work. Should have listened to the nurse. And Adam. Dammit. Hate it when I don’t know best. Had to cancel all clients for the next 2 days and admit defeat. Got home and slept for 5 hours. Woke up and remembered how behind I was on MM work. Did some work from the laptop but I was in bed so technically I was resting anyway. Helped the boy to edit one of the Mersey Media videos. Tomato soup and cheese butties for tea. Living the high life. Watched more Killing Eve. My obsession with Jodie Comer is unreal.



Slept ’til 10 am. Getting so good at this sleeping lark. Remember I forgot to cancel a client yesterday so still have to go to work. My rage is real. That’s not until 12 anyways so I spent the morning doing some more Mersey Media work. Feel quite productive. Work is nice and easy and not too strenuous. Came home and had a lovely lunch of Tuna Pasta, delightful. Easy on the throat which is the main thing. Help the boy edit some more Mersey Media videos and then remember I’ve got a deadline tomorrow for a product I’ve been sent for Bow Belle Blush. It’s a fake tan bed sheet protector, Tannco.  I want to cry. This means I have to apply fake tan. I almost backtrack on my eternal promise to myself to always give honest reviews for my blog, but I know I can’t do it. So, I suck it up and for all women out there who appreciate fake tan and clean bed sheets, I start the 2-hour pre tan process. I mean, if I’m going to apply fake tan for a bed sheet protector review I may as well apply it properly. Maybe a tan will perk me up a bit.  Bath gets run, pre-bath exfoliation starts. Body scrub, shaving, wash and condition hair (it’s been a while and I’m on camera tomorrow), moisturisation and boom it’s tan time! Tan done, hair dried and styled, it’s time for all the annoying parts of a video that no one really knows how long it takes. Endless videos for B-Roll, Instagram shots, Slow-Mo shots, ended up in bed at one point lying in the Tannco Bed Sheet Protector. OMG it felt glorious and wanted to stay there. By this time it’s around 8pm, the light nights confuse me. Have a massive panic cos we haven’t cooked tea and Love Island is on in an hour. Made corned beef hash for tea cos me fella is northern and loves a proper stodgy meal. Ended up pausing Love Island which I hate cos I’m behind on Twitter. Love to stay current with the #bants me. Put on a Killing Eve but my eyes were closing, made a very adult decision to go to bed and not fall asleep in front of the sofa. Proud of me. Wrapped myself up in the Tannco and forgot about a bit of Social Media Promotion, I’m such a bad blogger. Lights back on, Instagram stories and Facebook updated. Lights off, Sleep.



Weekend Plans

Buy more fruit

Edit video for Tannco

Watch more Killing Eve

Try and get a work schedule together

Have more sleep

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  1. Just a couple of things,what is STEM?
    You have a unhealthy obsession with Love Island,and you are too tough on yourself.PS you are too young for the change,arnt you?


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