Hey and Welcome!

This is a brand new blog for me, I had one before but I didn’t really do much with it and I wanted a new start, so here it is! You can expect bits of beauty, lifestyle, fashion and travel on here, and the same kind of content also on my YouTube channel.

So a little about me…..

My name is Emma, I’m 30 something, I live in Liverpool with the 2 loves of my life, my husband and followed closely by the other love of my life, my cat, Gino.

I love make up, fashion, food, travel, musicals and theatre.

I’m slightly obsessed with making lists, being organised, tidying & cleaning (I have a cleaning schedule and everything!) and crisps.

I’m not that keen on chocolate, slow walkers, mess, spiders and cold weather.

I upload every Sunday at 9am on my YouTube channel and a new blog post every Wednesday on here.

I think that wraps up everything you need to know about me for now. If you want to know more click here!

Come over and visit me on my social media and I look forward to sharing my rambles with you.